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Predicting Euphoria

Sugar roller coaster

Now I'll go and test my blood sugar. It feels like I have none right now. Blood sugar that is. Omelette! Well, you eat that and you have low blood sugar after 90 minutes. My diabetes nurse said I could probably take half the dose for such a meal. But I didn't because I ate a mountain of vegetables and some bread as well. Hadn't eaten in 8 hours! Sometimes that happens. Nobody's perfect. Had high sugar for a few days now and felt bad. It is easy to end up on the roller-coaster, especially before the body gets used ...


My husband bought a new camera last year. It's quite a big device and he even has a few additional lenses for it, so if he takes it with him it's another bag in the car But I must say, it's worth it. Apparently the camera has a very good optical shutter, a very good ccd chip as well as very fast autofocus electronics and a huge resolution. He can zoom in like he has a pair of binoculars built in and also the speed of that camera helps a lot when taking pictures of the kids in action (and ...